Britain Sweet Nation

    A map of Britain made from sweets including Liquorice Allsorts, wine gums and humbugs

    A liquorice Tower Bridge over a tasty Thames

    A toffee Angel of the North

    The two-metre long map was made using the result of a nationwide survey

    Mount Snowdon made from liquorice and a sugary Loch Ness monster

Beautiful and Creative Finger Rings

Awesome Book Carving Arts

10 Extraordinary Photos of Magnetic Storms

    Magnetic storm over Hrútfjallstindar mountain in Iceland

    Incredible angle of the Aurora australis caused by a geomagnetic storm

    A CME simulation

    A simulation of how solar activity affects the Earth

    The magnetic storm of September 10, 2005 over Quebec

    A ghostly looking magnetic storm

    Auroral light show after the July 2000 solar storm

    Mount Megantic Magnetic Storm

    Magnetic storm over a lake

    solar storm over Saskatchewan

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