. my new puma sneakers

    puma sneakers from platypus shoes

    bought these puma sneakers a few weeks ago from platypus shoes think they were on sale and last pair from $14o down to $59 great bargain and had my size so that was good!

. Max Krieger Exclusive Interview (Q&A)

    Interview done exclusively for BOY MOMENTS
    Thank you Max and Modelwerk!

. new ring from Florence and keyring from Paris

    Most of my friends last Christmas holidays, went to Europe and USA. One of my friends who knows my love for France while there bought me a keyring! It looks cool.

    Another friend of mine knowing how i love fashion and loves statement jewelery, bought this ring for me. He said it was from a small boutique in Florence, obviously its not overly expensive, as i wouldn't expect that anyway. I could see because its one of those adjustable welded on rings . but i guess that's good because he wouldn't know my ring size. I found the texture on the ring quite interesting. The case in which it came was real leather too! (pic 2) Love the smell of leather hehe.

    At least they remembered about me! I hope to go to Europe and New York next year!
    LETS HOPE!! and get into the SHOWS!!

Cool And Beautiful Butterfly

    1.Transparent Butterfly

    2.Queen Alexandra Butterfly

    3.Emerald swallow butterfly

    4.Dead Leaf Butterfly

    5.Giant Owl Butterfly

    6.Neglected eighty-eight Butterfly

    7.White Morpho Butterfly

    8.Zebra Longwing Butterfly

    9.Peacock Pansy Butterfly

    10.Great Mormon Butterfly

    11.Strange Butterfly

. Joesphys Thimister Returns TO COUTURE & other menswear on couture runway.

    Joesphys Thimister Couture

    Chanel Couture & womens Josephys Thimister Couture (knit jumper i loved)

    Just as i thought couture week. okay.. no need to update my blog. i was wrong! THERE WAS MENSWEAR COUTURE!!! something I only saw on a Chanel Couture runway at the end of a show.. THIS WAS NOT TRUE!! 47 year old Joesphys Thimister makes a return including menswear!! I loved his knit! AMAZING. The is definitely one of the strongest pierces to the eye. watch out! think he's going not be a regular now on!

    in other news designer Anne Valérie Hash had one men's couture walk down her runway with one other that i thought could be a mens. ( on the right above)

    Joesphys Thimister Returns from a decade of absence

    "Bloodshed and militaria—two themes woven together from convulsive Russian history and the current moment—propelled Josephus Thimister back onto the couture runway after a decade's absence. The imagery centered on a photograph of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, Emperor Nicholas II's murdered 13-year-old son, who was routinely dressed in uniform as a boy, and it played out in a collection of men's and womenswear merging poignant romanticism with a raw-edged minimalism last practiced in the nineties.

    Thimister said he'd used resonances from World War I because "what happened then was the start of modernism: war, sorrow, destruction we're still dealing with now. And the lack of creativity and spirituality." It didn't make for couture in the fine old tradition—tank tops and jodhpurs roughly spattered with spray-painted gore don't routinely feature in haute collections, and neither does menswear—but Thimister's thought process cut across the current fashion agenda in a personal way. Using rough khaki and startling red, he sent out greatcoats, officer's jackets and jumpsuits, and dresses cut from duchesse satin and georgette detailed with narrow, trailing cross-body military sashes. For a woman tempted to look outside the normal remit of Paris couture, there could be something here worth investigating—the army coat with a red fur lining, say, or the cowl-hooded textured sequin dresses that turn to reveal erotically bared backs."-

. orangy mahogany hair

    I just had to post these up. I LOVE!!! the hair is amazing! i love the contrast between his hair and the denim shirt. amazing look. and the second pic sorta looks like Robert Pattinson's hair.

. "Analyse That" film - Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010

    a short film directed David Sims and written by Alexander McQueen's for his Spring 2010 collection here.

    its a film that isn't new, just liked it. he chose not to have a live fashion show, but this short film to communicate his collection which is a unique and interesting way in which it seems many fashion houses have decided to do.

    i like how there are 3 different things going at once and creating the drawing marks on the body. you can definitely see how that is shown in the collection. its a dark film, showing the tortured artist which maybe is what is being implied to McQueen himself. With the low saturation, it adds to the depressing mood.

. designer: Sjaak Hullekes short film.

    Designer Sjaak Hullekes' - Small Town Boy 2010 collection

    soo loving black and white film and how the camera is moving around in a circle and the clothes changing. and hair blowing. very european styled.

. lanvin fall 2010/11

    okay, i have always loved lanvin. the whole fashion house. love .
    i like the frilly hanging from the jumper and bag. also i love the oversized knit jacket and sweater that has been acid washed. and that cool sweater that pulls over the shoulder i duno how to describe. the (second row on the right). and also really like the cropped jacket/blazers.

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