Amazing Human Powered Car

    HumanCar is the world’s first practical human powered four passenger car.

    Designed by Charles Greenwood, the vehicle is powered by a rowing-like motion that is converted into rotational power. Alternatively, built-in electric motor helps power the car when it is being operated by only one person.

Amazing And Unusual Shoe Sculptures

    Incredible shoes created by talented artist and designer Robert Tabor.

    These amazing sculptures were inspired by animals, cars, and food.


    On Thursday night, I attended An Ode To No One's A/W 11 Collection at a cool basement space - District 01. With the company of my buddies - Emily, Dana and Xiaohan, we were given 3D glasses to look at the prints while the room was filled with fluro lights.

    The collection is inspired by Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution with a modern twist. We have seen 3D movies, 3D in magazines and billboards last year, but now, designer of An Ode To No One - Adi , steps it up by creating a 3D digital print with what seems to be like butterfly's wings or some winged creatures in pink, blue, red and purple which stimulates the eyes.

    I would love to try those leggings! You know me and love of black with prints!


    This is Calvin Klein's teaser of one of the biggest digital interactive for ck one launching on March 1st, across a whole range of mediums including online, print, outdoor and mobile. The campaign is shot by one of our favourite photographers, Steven Meisel, who also shot the original campaigns of ck one back in 1994. It will be huge! The campaign will include over 30 individuals of both men and women that represent our generation and celebrating individuality. Big names include Lara Stone, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and Bambi Northwood-Blyth.

    “The ck one collection is not about wearing clothes the way you’ve been told, it’s about making them your own. We put the pieces in there in all sizes, from XXXL to XS; it’s not about the perfect size - it’s a play on proportion and androgyny,” Kevin Carrigan, the global creative director of Calvin Klein Jeans and ck Calvin Klein, explains to Vogue. “Girls were wearing jeans that were baggy and far too big, or wearing oversized shirts as dresses, they made the collection their own.”

    It is an experimental global campaign where people can connect, creating conversations on platforms like Facebook, creating and uploading their own videos which becomes part of the campaign. This is a great idea as the social online media is growing rapidly and Calvin Klein is such a modern brand that is keeping up and listening to their buyers and audiences.

    I think it's quite smart to use such a simple concept and diverse individuals in the campaign where everyone will find a connection no matter race,, culture, gender, age, style, interests, etc. It is a powerful marketing tool that I think will be quite successful, giving the opportunity to the audience the ability to participate.

    Personally love these videos!

    Check out their facebook page to keep updated HERE! and their official website HERE!

    "Calvin Klein Inc., which is turning ck one into a full lifestyle brand, has conceived a global advertising campaign for spring that encompasses TV, print, the Internet and social media — all things that concern ck one’s targeted customer.

    CKI declined to disclose the cost of the campaign, but said it is the largest digital initiative in its history. Directed by Steven Meisel, who did the original ck one fragrance campaign with Kate Moss and a gaggle of other Nineties faces, the new black-and-white ads are an evolution in the spirit of the current generation, centered around the new site.

    CRK Advertising and consulting creative director Fabien Baron conceived the ad. There are four different iterations — for Jeans, Underwear, Fragrance and one for all categories — with more than 60 differently edited variations, some of which specifically target Asia. A key purpose is to drive traffic to, which offers profiles of the cast and background content, and lets visitors upload their own ck one video versions. The site, available in 11 languages, will also have a global store, and custom mobile apps available for the iPhone, Android and Symbian."

    Dutch supermodel Lara Stone – who also features in the Calvin Klein Collection and ck Calvin Klein Spring 2011 campaigns
    American musician/performer Cassie Ventura
    Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw
    Brazilian model/drummer Alice Dellal
    British model/musician Pixie Geldof
    American singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira
    UK-based singer Rita Ora
    British model/songwriter Ruby Aldridge
    Chinese model Fei Fei Sun
    British model Eliza Cummings
    Australian model Ajak Deng
    Australian model Bambi Northwood-Blyth
    Slovenian model/dancer Valerija Kelava
    Chinese supermodel Wang Xiao
    Tanzanian model Herieth Paul
    American model Samantha Gradoville
    British boxing champion/Olympic hopeful Rob Evans
    British model Aaron Frew
    Russian model/rapper Yuri Pleskun
    American musician Ian Mellencamp
    French model David Agbodji
    American street dancer Eric Ramos
    British model Callum Wilson
    British model/dancer Jackson Blyton Megran
    Swedish artist Viggo Janason
    Dutch/Irish model/performer Piet Vander Heijden
    Dutch actor/dancer Steven van Nieuwenburg
    Japanese student/singer Tomo Aki Kurata
    American producer/musician Robert Booker
    American model Bo Ackerman
    British model and steel drummer Kyle Bethelmy Forde
    Spanish model River Viiperi
    Swedish model Dan Kling

    Source FTape and Black Book Magazine

Beautiful Smallest Aquarium

    Anatoly Konenko from Russia created the smallest aquarium in the world.

    Glass aquarium measures 30 х 24 х 14 mm, holds 10 ml of water, and contains miniature plants, stones, and real fish.

Amazing Paper Wigs

    This wonderful series of Paper Wigs are created by Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk, two artists based in Atlanta. Their paper installations are “fueled by a love of fashion and an appreciation of grace and nuance of this humble material.” The wigs, which have been made as part of a paper-cut project, come in many different shapes and sizes.

Awesome Elevated Benches

    Series of creative benches in unusual places by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly.

    Elevated urban furniture will provide a different perspective of the public space through a detached experience within the city.

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