7 Innovative Traffic Lights

    1.UniSignal Traffic Light

    2.Hourglass Traffic Light

    3.Street Lamp Traffic Light

    4.LED Traffic Lights

    5.Projected Traffic Light

    6.Droplet Traffic Light

    7.Countdown Traffic Light


    ST&ARD Black washed denim jacket, Guess tee, Jamie Fame legging/pants

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! As a new year has come, I thought I would take some pictures of myself. It's been awhile since I have had self taken photos. Firstly because I end up hating the pictures I take of myself, and I look hideous, but since it's the new year,( and because I got motivated by Whip My Hair by Willow Smith - don't judge), I thought I might give it a try ( and yes I know.. it's only one outfit). I also think, people might not know what I look like anymore, they might know me by blog, but not by face. Hopefully I will try to incorporate more self taken photos this year! But most of all... I will hopefully get some models to test shoot! ...It's so much better than self taken ones.. I just hope these pictures won't scare people away from reading my blog.

    2011 is OUR YEAR!

Awesome Paper Sculpture by Cheong-ah Hwang

    Self-taught Korean artist Cheong-ah Hwang creates beautiful and intricate works of art that are made entirely out of paper. We have featured many amazing paper sculptures on this site, while Cheong-ah Hwang’s work is definitely one of the most impressive ones.

Amazing Dew drops Photos (30 pics)

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