Amazing Origami Animals By Sipho Mabona

8 Unexpected Gold Gadgets

    Gold plated engine

    Gold Stroller

    Gold-Coated Aquarion Tranforming Figure

    Gold Plated Computer Mouse

    Gold Plated Ford

    Gold Plated Keyboard

    Pure Gold pc

    Nintendo Wii

. architectural poles

    took these images at various places with my lg viewty phone.

. similar

    left : dion lee s/s 2010 and right: gucci s/s 2010

    i think it just looks similar. but dion had shown his collection way before gucci showing this week. the similarities are the gaps in the material. but the difference is where dion is more tailored specific in where the cuts are and gucci has a more randomized cut in places.

Wine Cork House

Amazing F1 Ferrari Car Made up of Cloths

UV Glowing Tattoos Design

. CAS athletics

    tonight we had to watch CAS (which is basically private boys schools) compete in athletics, and this year we won, our first win since 1955. .so that was a looong time. these were pics from my lg viewty phone but better quality photos i took with friend's slr camera which maybe uploaded soon enough.

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