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Amazing Concept of Citroën Survolt

    That's how concept cars are made. Very interesting photos.

How To Extract Gold From Your Motherboard


    Model: Ben Garvey @TheAgency
    Styling/Photography: Darren Luk ( BOY MOMENTS)
    Make Up: Feryx Lim

    This long anticipated post is now a sign of relief. It was all a little crazy organization and things falling out of place but finally they are here. On the day of the shoot last weekend, there was my make up artist Feryx, model Ben and a friend who helped me and shot the video. The location was a last minute idea and I had no idea of where I could do it, but luckily my friend suggested a place and actually worked quite well. You think so? I didn't op for too many outfit changes even though I brought along quite a lot of my clothes because we only had 3 hours of shooting.

    Mimco asked me to create my own interpretation by using one of their pieces from their new collection "An Unpredictable Revolution." I chose the Darkness Vest ( which you can buy here) and honored at the fact that it's limited edition and only 50 were made in the world, so I really wanted to give it justice.

    Mimco's latest collection is a story torn from the pages of a debutante's diary. Their story boards include "Darkness Becomes Her", "Tortured elegance" , "Twisted Kinship" , and "Minimal Overload."

    I decided to take "Darkness Becomes Her" and "Tortured Elegance" but rather than being inspired by the actual story behind these, that Mimco has put, I reinterpreted them. I tried to create an idea of " In every man there is a women / In every women there is a man" and "In every boy there is a girl / In every girl there is a boy." This is a theory I believe is quite true but often is only hidden within darkness. Hence in this case it is a guy ( the model) who is misinterpreted to be a girl - through "Darkness Becomes Her. " I'm not sure if you understand what I mean there. But anyway, in this shoot, I chose a male model that was very androgynous and while editing photos, people often came up to me and asked who that girl was. but then realized it was a guy. Often in society, gender can be an issue and this is where I took the "Tortured" part of "Tortured elegance," where young people often struggle and are trapped within themselves trying figure who they are. This does not lie merely in gender by other issues aswell.

    Though Mimco is a women's accessories label, what I love doing is always putting feminine pieces on guys and masculine pieces on women, I think it's just the best compliment for each other.

    The video is an experiment and thought it was would be interesting if I created one. It is nowhere near professional and just a compliment to the photos I guess. I gave the photos a little purple tinge a bit similar to the original Mimco campaigns.

    I want to thank Ben Garvey, Feryx Lim, and Nicole Barron for helping put this together!

    Here is the Mimco video they produced for this collection:

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