. topman fall 2010

    i like the red and green fading twigs. it really depicts winter/fall. i love the shearling and oversized jackets and the woolly cuffs instead of gloves. i also love their tailored pants. i hope they will sell in topman stores soon! and not too expensive.

    khaki . black . red

. Marc Weismann love/compcard

    Thanks for the love!

    View interview HERE

Incredible Tape Sculptures

. the tattoo and the bros

    Photographer: Cristina Capucci
    Models: Alex Nestor & Johannes Niermann

    I love the tattoo on that guy has got. and these photos are a good depiction of brotherly love.

. Marc Weismann (New Face) Exclusive Interview (Q&A)

    Marc Weismann - 17, German, who is blonde with strong chin and cheekbones, sharp eyes and lips.- very european. Already worked with Chuando for L'Officiel Homme, I think he's going to get places with his look ( reminds me a little of Nick Snider in some angles). To me he is a PRADA model/face! I can see him Prada campaigns. BOOK MARC NOW !!!! - Contact booker here.

    Interview done exclusively for BOY MOMENTS

    Thank you Marc and SMC Model Management!

. my photography.arty kenzo photos

    me being me.. i tried to take artistic, or i guess just trying to be artistic by taking photos of kenzo gift i received from fashiontrend mag. (original post here) and i liked these photos i took. the first pic.. i like how "air" is associated with soft, breezy, relaxing. and how the box was square and that corner created a sharp ironic contrast. . the second photo was taken of the hard plastic cover of the box with "kenzo" engraved on it.

Formula 1 Car made from Shoe Boxes

. silk and porcelain china


    Models: Ash Stymest and Oskar Landstrom
    Photographer: Cameron McNee

    Love the white silk ( i think) top from Satyen Kumar's on Ash's tattoos and the colour is great! so silky and radiant.

    Oskar's top from Studio 805's looks like porcelain china to me the first time i looked at it.

. Fashiontrend Magazine Australia - Magazine / Kenzo Gift



    I love Fashiontrend's pages. Each page is matte gloss and it feels like you are turning pages of real hard copy photographs. It's a luxury magazine.

    Fashiontrend Australia is "The Essential Fashion Quarterly" offering an inspiring, unique combination of exclusive runway images, alluring editorials, designer profiles, trends and coverage of not only of the Australian fashion scene but also of the worlds more photographed runways from Paris, Milan, New York and London. Also they are celebrating their 5 years this year!

    Buy now at magnation and leading bookstores and news agencies for $24.95 ( you get quality!) or subscribe here with special offers.


    I loved the fragrance and the bottle design + the shower gel. You guys should go and buy it now!!!

    Kenzo Air denotes an elegant, masculine presence, awakening childhood sensations and familiar impressions, shaking things up and reinventing them.The fragrance’s composition is direct, combining star anis, vetiver, evergreen and amber. The bottle, like a skylight, a slice of air, emphasizes the beauty of the glass, dense and full, inspired and created by the artist Laura de Santillana.

Nail Gun Art | Amazing Mona lisa made up of Nail Gun

. michael kors fall 2010

    what Michael Kors does best- luxury looking . khaki, camel sued, fur, big drape knit scarves, boot. love the colour of those orangey black leather jacket.. and that women's jacket amazing! volume with shape and chic. also cool colour textured satchel bag! and noah mills.. always to impress and suits Michael Kors soo well! abbey lee with simon nessman ( both one of my favourite models!!!) opening the show. . sensational.

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