Amazing Clock Tower Apartment

    This amazing 7,000 square foot penthouse apartment is located in the 1914 landmark clock tower building in New York.

    Beautiful apartment features unique staircase, private 3-story elevator, modern kitchen, three bedrooms, and four giant clocks with glass faces that offer breathtaking panoramic views.

    Clock Tower apartment is currently for sale for only $23,500,000.


    On Thursday night, after the unexpected Style Up Challenge I took up, and the Stoli Vodka Original Event, I went to the LG Optimus Black Launch at The Sydney Centre Point Tower with Nicole, Emma, Jessie and Rachel, who I haven't seen since Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. I also met lovely, Jasmin who came up from Melbourne.

    The views were spectacular as the launch party was held on the top level, almost 309 m (1014 ft) above Sydney CBD, looking over the city and the beautiful lights of the buildings (unfortunately I didn't take a good proper photo of the view). The lift going up also took more than the usual, I don't think you'd want to get stuck one of those elevators. The party was packed, and it was quite warm as well, so I didn't plan on going around taking any photos, but I did end up taking some photos of friends together. Walls were also filled with pictures of many celeb's photos taken at parties, which gave it a cool vibe.

    My new BFFS, Rupert Noffs and Matty Bee came along too, after the Stoli Vodka Event. It was great hanging out seeing them especially as it was one of their last nights out in Sydney. They're now headed to NYC!! Can't wait to visit!

    More images will be uploaded on my Facebook Page - here

    I am also beginning to think that I should start naming this blog, a place where it is "the one and only source into the scandalous lives of the bloggers elite" hahahaha! A little bit of Gossip Girl theme phrase inspired there haha. A place where you see what bloggers really get up to behind their beautifully posed images on their blogs ... hehe... SHHhhhhh don't tell them!
    xoxo BOY MOMENTS


    Pedestrian.TV was challenged to run their entire website by LG Optimus Black for a week, last week. Also during the week, along side their own challenge, they ran a competition asking all of their creative readers and Facebook fans to pitch original project ideas that they would like to see commissioned and showcased across Pedestrian. Read more here.

    One of the finalists was friend and blogger colleague, Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage.
    She curated and shot the "Style Off" with the LG Optimus Black, in Sydney City Westfield, (where the Pedestrian HQ had relocated for the week) on Thursday. The challenge was to style an outfit for under $250. Here are some shots I took, as a sneak peak for the results, that are yet to be revealed.

    Gary Pepper (Nicole) also styled a look, as did Spin Dizzy Fall (Emma), and also Spit Press (Sydney creative magazine). Originally Supre was going to style a look as well, however due to unexpected circumstances they had to pull out. I was walking to visit Nicole and see how she was going, and she asked me if I would be like to style a look in place of Supre's stylist. I was waiting to meet a friend anyway, so I thought, why not, and took up the challenge.

    I had a look at the other stylist's looks and saw lots of colour and was quite feminine, so I gave my look a masculine touch, little bit rock, all black and simple to contrast it from the others. The jacket is actually a men's jacket as well.. love a bit of menswear on a girl!

    If you have time VOTE for my look at the Pedestrian.TV Facebook Page here, and "like" the look. Remember you must "like" Pedestrian.TV before you can like anything else.
    Also check out the other looks too, as I didn't have a chance to snap their looks!

    My Look:
    Sunglasses from Dangerfield ,
    Jacket by Revival (stocked in Dangerfield & selected Myer)
    Jumpsuit by Zara,
    Ankle boots by Tony Bianco.

    The model was also casted and voted by public on Pedestrian Facebook. The winner below was Jade Hudson from Viviens Models.

    The Final Result

    Here is a video they snapped on the LG Optimus Black, of me talking through my masculine look featuring pieces from Zara and Dangerfield. Plus also, why an LG smart phone was instrumental to starting my blog.

    Behind The Scenes

    More behind the scenes at - SpinDizzyFall


    Thursday was a crazy day! There was all sorts of drama and I even ended up doing a Style Up Challenge for PedestrianTV during the day (will blog that soon).
    At night, I was invited to a lovely intimate Stoli Vodka event for bloggers no more than 20 people. They introduced Stoli (Stolichnaya) Vodka, which is celebrated as the original vodka.

    Stoli Vodka conducted a nation search for the most original bartender to win the title of the first ever "Original" bartender. Luke Ashton, was the winner and is one of the hottest new bartenders on the block, ditching his 6 year corporate career to bartend professionally. He is now the manager at Duke Bistro with his unique cocktail menu and done the rounds with his skills at the Ivy Pool Club, Uccello, thecornerhouse and more!

    On the night, Luke mixed cocktails live and presented us with a menu of The Tsarina - one of my favourites, with Stoli Razberi, Mandarin Napoleon, Luxardo, peach bitters, lemon juice and pink grapefruit juice) The other ones included the Spiced Rhubarb and the Dirty Martini with smoked olives steeped in Stoli Vodka.

    That wasn't all, we had Stoli Vodka infused canapés prepared exclusively live by Chef Matty Bee! There were Bloody Mary Oyster Shots, Rare seared tuna with Stoli Vodka infused black bean and ginger dressing, Blue cheese balls in walnut dust with Stoli Vodka macerated Cherry tomato, Szechuan salt and pepper chicken wings and Torched marshmallow skewers with melted chilli Stoli Vodka chocolate with macaroons (blueberry was the best)!
    You must follow Matty Bee's food adventures on twitter and blog, as he moves to New York City!

    Stoli also rewarded the genuine originality of Australians with the 2011 Stoli Orginal Fund, to help them launch whatever their dreams were and turn them into reality!
    Check out

    Rupert Noffs came along too and had some fun! I will be missing them when they go to NYC!

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