Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) White Shirt Day

    "On the 19th of May 2011, OCRF will proudly launch the inaugural White Shirt Day, an annual event that will become synonymous with increasing public awareness of ovarian cancer. For the first time, Australians will unite to show their commitment in the fight against ovarian cancer. In 2011, Witchery and OCRF are working together to improve the lives of all Australian women. To celebrate OCRF White Shirt Day, Witchery has again created a limited-edition capsule White Shirt collection, donating 100 per cent of the gross profits of the sale to the OCRF."

    An average of 3 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day and approximately 1,200 Australian women each year, most of which are at an advanced stage of the disease. Supporting the OCRF will help the ongoing research and discovery that seeks to progress, in understanding and detecting the early stages of ovarian cancer, helping increase mortality rate.

    This year the ambassadors are Didier Cohen and Pania Rose. The collection is for both guys and girls! I just put up Didier because I'm a guy. It is great that Witchery has partnered up to create the White Shirt capsule collection with such great meaning to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

    Save the date and remember its 19th of May!
    Visit the Witchery Store here and OCRF website.


    These are my new favourite sunnies from The Cobra Shop. They're big, round and most importantly covers your eyes and makes you feel famous! haha. Also discovered that Rumi (fashiontoast) bought the same pair.

Amazing Doll Houses

    1.Frida Khalo Doll House

    2.$82,000 English Doll House

    3.Kaleidoscope Doll House

    4.Dust Doll House

    5.Henry Colbert's Doll House

    6.Bosdyk Doll House

    7.Eco-friendly Doll House

    8.Bag End hobbit hole Doll House

    9.18th Century French Chateau Doll House

    10.Hostel Doll House


    TRIMAPEE is a Melbourne based label, that I personally think is quite avant-garde. It is one of the labels I feel is ahead of it's game in the Australian fashion industry, artistically and creatively. As you know my love for conceptual film and music, TRIMAPEE's film “Umbilical Ventriloquial” for their Fall 2011 Collection, encapsulate this, exploring the nature and science of birth and the connection between mother and child.

    Personally, I think this is also another reason in why the ambiguous nature of this unisex collection truly looks into this link, as in a mother's womb, gender really does not matter. The baby is not influenced. It is only when they are born where the influence of what to wear and how to act is put on to them, hence why men and women are often separated into different attitudes and their clothing (having a conception of what is right and wrong). TRIMAPEE's clothes would clearly show how their wearer can be anybody and there is specific or judgment in what you choose to wear.

    The expressive motions and movement really show the notion of nurturing, comfort and support that they are trying to achieve with their clothes. I also really like the music which creates an atmosphere to the film.

    I've honestly always wanted to buy some items from them, but right now, money is not on my side haha.


    On Tuesday night, was Gideon Shoes Flagship Store Launch. Their store, situated in a church, was turned into a cool, hip venue all with Gideon Shoes displayed (and a GIANT Gideon shoe) and also vibrant works by Daimon Downey. This was not all, THE Kelly Cutrone, was at the launch. That's right, you heard me! Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution who appeared in MTV popular reality TV shows The Hills and The City, represents Gideon Shoes and is in Australia right now. I still can't believe I had a chance met her!!

    Gideon Shoes created by brothers Rupert and Matt Noffs are 100% Australian Made. There is none of this sweatshop labour business, it's the real deal and you get what you pay for. Also, all the proceeds goes to the Noffs Foundation Street University, which is the largest drop-in centre in Australia, giving anyone and everyone a chance to have an education. The shoes are also quite funky with a range of different colours and styles, with one particular, their cane toad signature, that has got everyone talking! There will be more exciting things to come including some amazing collaborations coming up.

    I love their concept and when you wear their shoes, you be grateful to know that people who made your shoe are not paid poorly and living harshly. Their dedication to helping people in our society, especially that of our young generation is what makes so many people love them. Kelly Cutrone is no doubt a supporter, which is why she is representing them as their PR and has come to Australia for the first time, to launch Gideon Shoes and then, in the U.S. She also spoke at the Street University last night, which I was unfortunately unable to go.

    Kelly, who people might think is bitchy, to me is someone that I hold in high respects. I may not have had experience working with her or knowing her personally, but her honest attitude to life and being straight forward towards people is what makes me admire her. She won't send you round circles and is direct to the point. The truth may hurt but it will only make you more successful. I really would love to work with Kelly one day, because I know, it will really challenge me and gain the best experience. Seeing her in person, with an opportunity to chat and hug her was unreal! She was really down to earth and realistic! I embarrassingly, but must admit that, she had been in a dream of mine and this I would say, is a dream come true! It truly was a Wake Up and Get Real.

    One regret I had was I that I didn't have her book " If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You" to get signed. Annoying how all the bookshops I looked in Sydney did not have her book.

    Ava was also very pretty in pink on the night !

    Thanks for the great time!


    Visit Gideon Shoes !!

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