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. wang doing the man -UPDATE

    These are a few exclusive looks from the coming men's collection of Alexander Wang's T label this Summer/Spring. The T label are the basics for women and soon will be including a mens version! The mens line will be cheaper. More info here

    I quite like Alexander Wang stuff, I like his choice of colours, very neutral colours. I just love the simple tanks he has. If he does a whole collection of just tanks I'd be satisfied already, but it looks like from this preview that there's going to be a bit more than that. Can't wait to see its debut and what he's got installed for us. I have to say, I was thinking that his mens line would be for skinnier body shapes just like Alex's own style of wearing them. But, we'll have to see!

    So tired, schools coming and I don't really want to go back, it means exams and less blogging!

. illuminating

    This is one of the light drawings I found fascinating by Picasso. He was inspired by photographs of ice skaters with tiny lights on their skates jumping in the dark by photographer Gjon Mili in 1949. Picasso did a series of photographs using a small flashlight in a dark room.

    I did one of these last year before I had seen these photographs. I was surprised when I did them myself, but seeing Picasso's version is amazing! I used my mobile with the light on to create the word "BITCH" haha. I had many attempts before it was sort of recognizable.

. eclipse

    This was the solar eclipse taken from the national observatory on Iojima island in Japan - 22nd July 2009. It is the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century.

    More details here

Superb Grass Sculpture

. shangri-la

    Courtesy to my LG Viewty

    I just had to post up a blast of the beautiful food I ate today! As a promotional lunch special at
    Shangri-la Hotels's Cafe Mix buffet, $42 for two, my mum and I decided to go. We ate the most dessert! Indulging on the chocolate fountain as we dipped sticks and sticks of strawberry into the fountain. Just loved how the chocolate froze as the strawberries were cold and the crunch of biting in to them. Lots of other desserts were also worth eating. The other food was average. Yet to find the best buffet with everything good. Loved today! Also this weeks Grazia is only $2.50, first birthday issue! I already bought an issue. Already a year, can you believe it?

. kirrily johnston - syncroncity


    Kirrily Johnston since launching her first collection in the Spring/Summer 2004/05 has only been doing womenswear. Her collections have always been fluid and flowy. Only in this years Spring/Summer 2009/10 collection - Syncroncity, did she release a menswear line as well, bringing her drapery skills along and incorporating them.

    Interesting to see a range of bottoms. I quite like the white shorts with a cuff for the leg. The low crotch pants seems to remain in trend. The black colour pallete appeals to me much more, well that's my preference. I also love the bags and how the draw strings can make them into different shapes, multiple bags in one!

    Some menswear on the runway was not found on Ragtrader and visa versa. Not sure why though.

Extraordinary Photos of Plant Filled With 80,000 Volts Electricity

    These extraordinary images reveal what happens when electrical surges pass through a metal board with a simple plant on top.

    Photographer Robert Buelteman sends 80,000 volts through his flowery subjects and then literally paints photographs of the outcome.

    In three awe-inspiring series, the 55-year-old uses roses, petunias, and even cannabis in mind-blowing detail to give an extraordinary view of ordinary plant-life.

    The process to capture these unique images is so complex it has taken him 10 years - and a gruelling average of 60 hours-per-week - to produce just 80 photos.

    Working in complete darkness, he begins by placing his chosen plant onto a metal board which he then passes the electrical surge through.

    He can even pinpoint areas where he wants to focus the charge using a wand and a simple car battery.

    As his subject lights up with the current, and emits radiation invisible to the naked eye, Mr Buelteman captures the moments by passing a fibre optic cable back-and-forth over the plant.

    The cable emits a beam of white light which is just the size of a human hair and whatever the miniscule torch-beam touches, transfers the image onto film.

    The captivating blue haze that surrounds every leaf, petal and stalk is actually gases ionising around them as the plant is electronically shocked.

    To explain the baffling process, Buelteman, from Montara, California, USA, uses a trusted analogy.

    'You just have to imagine it like a painter creating a picture on canvass,' he said. 'The plant is the subject just like the painter's bowl of fruit or the person they are capturing.

    'The electrified board I place the plants on is the canvass. The fibre optic cable emitting the light-beam is my paintbrush.

    'Another way to try and understand it is like a normal photograph on a normal camera, except I am manually controlling the exposure by hand. In the same way the image I capture is simply burned onto film.'

    To give the pictures an added dazzling effect, Mr Buelteman's aluminium canvass actually floats in liquid silicone.

    And to make sure he doesn't get killed or injured in the process, he erects a protective frame of wood around his easel.

    But despite these being the first pictures of their kind in his profession, Mr Buelteman says he has in fact invented nothing and uses a combination of age-old techniques developed decades ago.

    Semyon Kirlian - developer of Kirlian photography - accidentally found in 1939 that it was possible to photograph electrical discharges at the edges of objects if that were being shocked on an electrified plate.

    'When people see my work I want them to feel an awakening. The world is an amazing place and evolution has created some breathtaking things for us to look at.

    'For me, art is about looking at the world and all it's wonder in a new way, seeing something differently.'

    Mr Buelteman has written about the project and the techniques he uses in his book Signs of Life.

    His works are being bought for a phenomenal five figures by art collectors.

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