Amazing Audi Car Made up of Paper

    Taras Lesko was commissioned by Audi to make a detailed papercraft model of the 2012 Audi A7.

    Paper car was created out of 750 unique parts. Each part was printed and assembled using reference photography and A7 blueprints.

    It took 245 hours and 285 sheets of paper to finish the project.

World’s Most Expensive

    1.World’s Most Expensive Car Wash.

    2.The Most Expensive Dog On The Planet.

    3.World’s Most Expensive Manicure.

    4.The World’s Most Expensive Monopoly Game.

    5.World’s Expensive Bed for Kids.

    6.World Most Expensive Pen.

    7.World’s Most Expensive Hot Air Balloon Ride.

    8.The Most Expensive Perfume in the World.

    9.World’s Oldest and Most Expensive Whisky.

    10.Most Expensive Dog Wedding.


    Yesterday, I was extremely honoured to be invited by Bowie himself to be the first of seven people to exclusively preview his "PAPER CRANE" 2011/12 Collection at his studio, before his show that will be closing Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) this year.

    Unfortunately I was unable to take any sneak peak photos for you guys to see, as Bowie would like to keep it all a big surprise and trust me, it will be a surprise!! However, I can give you a tell you a little bit of what you will be expecting! He took me through each piece one by one, and it's construction was amazing! I also asked him a few questions about the collection which you can listen by pressing the play button under the image above.

    Bowie's showing back in RAFW this year, will be quite a bang with 40 highly hand crafted couture pieces that took 10 months (2000 hours) to complete. Going to Japan, 2 or 3 times a year, in this collection, he takes inspiration from the Japanese origami- "Paper Crane" and you will see a lot of resemblances through the colour of black, red, silver, lots of white and geometric architectural shapes representing origami. The use of white symbolises the purity and hope, the black representing the strong warrior and silver for ice and snow. His collection will be historical and current with the happenings in Japan, where there will always be hope.

    Of course I will not give too much away! But expect to see real paper cut outs incorporated into the pieces and also mixed combination of manipulated vintage Kimono with a modern western edge! Just think, beading, sparkle, laser cutting, fabrics from all over the world, extreme detail construction and a piece completely made of individually sewn ribbon.

    This will be the show you will not want to miss!! It has the best show time - an amazing Friday evening, with an after party to follow and no rush to another show!! I certainly can't wait!! There will also be a special guest - Kelly Osbourne!

    I would like to thank Bowie for his time and the invitation to exclusively view his work and his show!

    Follow his Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Awesome Wireless Lens Camera

    WVIL camera features a detachable high quality lens that you can wirelessly control with a touchscreen.

    Innovative system takes the connectivity and applications of modern smart phones and connects them with interchangeable DSLR quality optics.

    Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens will allow users to take photos of themselves, as well as to capture fun experiences from new angles and multiple perspectives.

    This amazing concept camera was envisioned by Artefact design team.

Cool Hidden Garage in San Francisco

    Four car garage was integrated into the bottom floor of the historic apartment

    building in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

    To preserve the Victorian facade, Beausoleil Architects have converted the bay

    windows into a secret garage door.

Amazing Apartment With Movable Walls

    Modern apartment with moving walls designed by Yuko Shibata from Japan.

    Sliding wall helps transform the library into a living room and the wall with

    integrated bookshelves separates the bedroom from the home office.


    Photography: Marco Van Rijt; Hair and make-up: Iris Houben ; models Eli & Boaz

    Samira Algoe is a new designer from Holland, I introduced to you last season here. This season she draws inspiration of cowboys and interpret it in her way mixing it with some Japanese fabrics. I asked her to tell a little bit about her collection, inspiration, fabrics used and colours she prefers. I do like the bag, and the first white transparent-like jacket.

    "ZEM stands for, minimalism, subtleness, unconventionality and last but definitely not least: classic with a surprisingly modern twist. I give a lot of care and attention to the fit and technique of my designs.

    In the beginning of a creative process I don’t have a clear vision, but the further I get the more concrete it gets. To get inspired when designing a new collection, I look at ordinary clothing of other decades. But not the fashion shown on the catwalks, personally I don’t find it is pure. Simply, because it’s already someone else’s interpretation.

    Looking into the past is an important principle for me, it keeps my vision fresh. ‘Who didn’t had a past, can’t have a future. If you don’t look back, you can’t look ahead.’

    The winter accompanied by cold and cowboys was my inspiration. If you place cowboys in this cold environment, they instantly become vulnerable. Not the tough young men who concur over land and animal but men who plough for hours or days through snow, looking for “something”, an adventure maybe. In the “The sound of the Mountains” I’ve introduced a new view on the woolies worn by cowboys, these are large leather or fur leg pieces which are worn over the legs. The paper is called “Washi”, originally used in traditional Japanese interior design. It had that snowflake pattern and transparent frosty kind of feel that perfectly blended with the concept of my collection.

    I have a preference for “off-colors” or “in between colors”, for example when shadow is cascading on a white wall. The parts covered by the shadow are much darker and deeper and you will see different shades of white, grey and black. The same when a wall is layered with sunshine, you witness the very play of colors caused by over- and underexposion. Those shades are my “in between” colors.

    Materials I chose are fabrics which reminded me of powdery snow such as light corduroy. I used that material on the shoulder-area of my designs to refer to snow that’s falling onto you. Other fabrics used were materials nature provides us such as cotton, wool and leather.

    Currently I’m working on a new collection that will be finished in the summer. Another focus this year is establishing my label, working on the base of my brand. Practically this means working a lot ‘behind the scenes’, research for point of sales and sponsoring. I’m aiming to produce a collection twice a year."


    Today, I received an email from, an online edit of the best things to buy online and serving as inspirations to shoppers looking for the latest trends. Right now, they are running a competition giving a lucky reader the chance to the Editor-At-Large of with also a prize package that is worth $4000 to giveaway.

    This competition will be asking DDGDs fashion-forward members (free membership, just sign up within seconds) to contribute and
    rate their favourite stylish items as well as post photos of their
    favourite outfits in exchange for a bunch of
    prizes and DDGD dollars.

    The competition runs for 10 weeks with each week selecting 2 finalists.
    At the end of the 10 weeks all 20 selected finalist will be showcased
    on and it will be up to a combination of reader staff
    votes to decide who is most deserving of the title of DDGD Editor At
    Large along with all those amazing prizes!

    BUT even if you are not a finalist, you
    still can win big just by participating and accumulate DDG$ dollars
    which can be swapped in The Editor's Swag Shop for fashion items by
    Sportsgirl, Marc by Marc Jacobs and many more!

    DO IT!! Who doesn't want to have fun and win!?

    For the full competition details, go to the website below:

Amazing Miniature Weapons

    T. Shamir creates fully functional miniature versions of antique weapons.


    Made out of solid sterling silver and 22k gold, miniature crossbow shoots handmade aluminum arrows.


    Handmade cannon based on the design and operating principals of the full size mortars that were used from the 17th to mid 19th centuries.

Floor Transforms into Furniture

    Innovative furniture concept designed by Shin Yamashita from Japan.

    Land Peel is a modular floor mat that users can transform into chairs, coffee tables,

    and workstations by simply lifting the panels.

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