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10 cool sofa design

    Stuffed Animal Couch

    Glow In The Dark Couch

    Lego Sofa

    Pixel Sofa

    Custom Car Sofas

    Cactus Sofa

    Colorful Puzzle-Piece Couch

    The Paper Cloud Sofa

    Lip Sofa

    Grass Sofa

. cheap monday fall 2010

    i love the big baggy pants and hoddie and also the simplicity of the menswear. the clothes are almost unisex... id basically wear any of those womens blazers and hoodies/jackets. nice detail in the jeans. more images from fall 2010 collection here

    i'm really sad today. going to stop typing now.

. 3am on bus to Canberra.

    Remember the post I did of the time when i went to Canberra for the National Art Gallery of Australia?.. Well that day, I had to get to school at 3am! yes 3AM for our bus trip down to Canberra. In the bus I took these shots with my phone .. just before the sun rose and the sun risen. what do you think ?

. Exclusive Rob Rae Interview Q&A

    Just trying out this new magazine looking page for my interview with Canadian model, Rob Rae. He had the most comprehensive answers to my questions and so instead of making the usual posting format I tried this magazine like format. What do you think?

    I like his look, versatile in look, sorta school boy cross with some classyness

    Thank you Rob for taking your time!

. MeetingPOT : Australia's first social network that integrates professionals networking

    The Brief

    is Australia's first social network that integrates professionals networking. Over 100 fashion entrepreneurs are expected to attend MeetingPOT's first event.

    Yummi Ong-Ly
    is the founder of this network. This time last year, Yummi was earning over $100 000 in a job she hated and she has now left her job to help and support young emerging creatives to pursue dreams, passions giving them a "speed dating" experience one-on-one for them to meet professionals in their related fields opening opportunities and doors for collaborations, internships,etc. Also keynote speakers will be there to inform the young talents.

    Personally I think this is a great concept and a platform that will open doors to fulfill dreams.

    The first event will be on 31st of March 2010 in Sydney. This is one event of many to come which will hope to reach nation wide.

    The First Event

    WHERE: Doltone House, Pyrmont

    WHEN: 10AM-7PM, Wednesday 31 March 2010

    WHY: Fashion entrepreneurs will get a chance to network with their potential collaborators in pr start up a small business.

    Follow their Twitter @_meetingpot

    More information here and register here

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